Keya Awadhi Kadhai Veg Khada Masala | Exotic Spices Blend 100 gm x 1

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  • WHY IS IT AUTHENTIC? Keya Khada Masalas are PRE-ROASTED BLENDS OF GROUND AND WHOLE SPICES that have already been blend to perfection based on age old recipes.
  • AUTHENTIC MADE EASY: We do the hard work for you in advance! Use this pre-roasted Khada Masala to make AUTHENTIC Awadhi Veg Kadhai in 3 EASY STEPS that will make even your grand mom proud!
  • USE LESS THAN REGULAR MASALA: Keya Khada Masala is more powerful and delivers better taste, flavour and aroma than regular powdered masala Use only 2 spoons of Keya Khada Masala vs 3 spoons of ordinary powdered masala.
  • 100% PURE: NO added colour, NO preservatives, NO Harsh processing, NO MSG. 100% Authentic taste, flavour and aroma
  • Made with the choicest of ingredients that are handpicked by chefs after talking to experts - Our grandmas, moms and aunts Try this and you won’t go back to your ordinary masala!

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Keya Awadhi Kadhai Veg Masala is a blend of whole spice mixes, Hand Picked in the right proportion by expert chefs, gently blended and Coarse Ground to unlock taste and aroma only while cooking. <p><b>Storage Conditions</p></b> <p>1. Store in a cool and dry place</p> <p>2. Refrigerate after opening</p>

Awadhi Kadhai Veg Masala

1. Heat 2 tbsp oil in a pan, add 2 large sized finely chopped onions, cook till golden brown.
2. Then add 2 large sized finely chopped tomatoes, cook till soft. Add 2 tsp ginger garlic paste, 1/2 tsp turmeric powder, 4 tsp Keya Awadhi Kadhai Veg Masala, 1tsp salt, and 2 tbsp ghee.
3. Now add veggies of your choice like baby corn, potato, red and yellow bell pepper, capsicum, french beans, cauliflower, carrot, paneer, and peas.
4. Cook for 5 minutes and Awadhi Vegetable Kadhai is ready to serve.